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Photo Shoot Information

Coverage.  UK

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Client Checklist

  • Ensure building owner and tenants, and any security personnel are aware of the photography taking place and its reason.
  • If possible supply location plan, site plan with north point, floor plans and elevations. Any available snapshots for reference.
  • Please ensure no building works are taking place. Cherry pickers and other vehicles especially to be removed from site.
  • Location should be as tidy as possible. It is always helpful if cleaning materials are available to use.
  • Windows to be closed unless specified and blinds/curtains to be consistent.
  • Any temporary signs, banners, flags, and decorations etc are removed.
  • Ensure parking space/unloading facility for photographer if available.
  • Remove any obstructions, skips, dustbins etc from the exterior of the building.
  • If arranging hotels/flights please provide the photographer with all the relevant information, booking numbers, contact details, location, times etc.
  • If you are not available for the actual shoot please provide the photographer with as much information as to what you want from the images.